Frequently Asked Questions:

Why book Groove Hustlers?

We are one of the most reliable, experienced and professional live party bands in the North West/UK, with a proven track record and many testimonials/positive feedback to back this up from over 10 Years in Groove Hustlers and many more as individual musicians. We’ve provided live entertainment for countless small and large venues, functions, student balls, black tie Events, birthdays, weddings, festivals and corporate functions.


Ultimately you should book Groove Hustlers because we are all about you and your event.  Many bands that do what we do, unfortunately cut corners and sometimes are only interested in the bottom line.  Whereas we strive to give you exactly what you want and more, by including as many extras/additional services as we can, to meet your budget/vision.  We love what we do and love performing. To be able to play on your special day or at your event, is a responsibility we take very seriously, but we will also ensure it is as entertaining and as fun/lively as can be. As well as lots of very happy wedding couples and wine bar owners, some of our previous corporate clients have included: Marks & Spencers, The Holiday Inn, Slimming World, ITV Studios, The Ministry Of Defence and many, many more!

Is it possible to see you play live before I book?

Yes it is. Although we primarily perform at private weddings, functions and corporate events, we do like to keep our skills up to date at a few selected public events or local venues around the region or at showcases. We will do our best to keep you informed when we are playing publically and if we are playing near you.

What is included in the quoted price?

The price we quote you, will be an all inclusive price, with no extra/hidden costs, including travel etc, unless stated otherwise.  Any quotes we provide you will  be put in writing, listing all the services the price includes and will be valid for 30 Days.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do.  We have upto £10 Million, Public Liability Insurance.  Contact us  if you require an electronic copy of our Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Is all your equipment Portable Appliance (PAT) Tested?

Yes it is.  We have all our electrical equipment and extension leads, professionally tested every 12 months.  Contact us  if you require electronic copies of our PAT Test Certificates.

How do I confirm a booking and pay?
Once you've decided to book Groove Hustlers and we have discussed all your needs and we have agreed a fee, we will send you a booking contract to sign and return. A small deposit is usually payable (payable by bank transfer or by cash, unless other terms are agreed) to secure the booking, with the remaining balance due and payable by or on the day of the event or at the end of the performance (depending on terms agreed).

What happens if a band member becomes ill and cannot perform on the day?
In the very unlikely event that a band member is taken ill or is unable to attend on the day, we can call on one of our stand in 'dep' musicians to take the place of the missing band member. We have a bank of reserve players, in all positions that we can call on in an emergency.  If in the even more extremely unlikely event that the entire band is unable to attend, we will ensure that we find a suitable replacement act. of the same calibre and high professional standards. 

How much space does the band need and what are your power requirements?
A designated performance space of approximately 14ft wide x 10ft deep (4m x 3m) is sufficient for most band sizes, however we have probably played in both smaller and larger areas! A raised stage can also greatly enhance the impact that the band will make, but this is not essential. The band and DJ would both also need a safe power supply (at least two standard double power sockets, preferably one either side of the stage). 

How much time will you need to set up and soundcheck?

We will require at least an hour and a half to unload our equipment, set up and soundcheck, depending upon the location of the performance area (eg if we are performing on an upper level of a venue or if parking is unavailable nearby, we may need longer).  We can discuss these details with you and the venue and plan accordingly.  If you require the band to set-up prior to 6pm for an evening party, we may need to charge a small hourly fee to cover any extra time on-site, again we can discuss this and agree the best solution for your event. 

Is it possible to see or change your setlist?
Yes, we are happy for you to look at our setlist and even select your favourite songs from our repertoire list or even veto any songs you'd rather not hear. That said, we usually find it's best to let us manage the setlist, as our vast experience of performing live over many years, has given us a valuable insight into determining what songs work well and where in the set we play them, to maximise song and audience dynamics.  In simple terms we know what works, what gets people up dancing and how to adapt our set for your event.

Will the band learn a special song which isn't already on your repertoire list?
Yes, we are happy to learn a special song (eg. for your first dance) or a song by your favourite band, if you let us know with plenty of notice before your big day/event.  

How loud will the band be?
We are happy to work within the limits of a sound limiter set at approx 93db or higher, which some venues have, however in our experience, we prefer to have these switched off during the performance as the power cut-off systems employed by most limiters are easily tripped, even by applause and can cause disruption to the performance and ultimately your day/evening.

Will the band require any food or drink?
Refreshments (food and drink) would be very welcome.  If the event has a buffet and we were ok to have some food from it, that would be more than sufficient.  If there were also some soft drinks or water provided, that would be awesome!  Travelling, loading/unloading equipment, setting up and performing, can be thirsty work : )

Will the band require a dressing/changing room?

Yes that would be really helpful.  If you are able to organise a room for us to change into our stage/performance clothes, that would be great. Also as there may be a couple of hours before we play or time between sets/performances, we could also use the room to relax in and prepare for our performance.  This is also useful, as you won't have the band members hanging about the reception/party, waiting before or between sets!  

If I am booking the band, will I also need a DJ?
If your event/venue does not have a DJ, we can also provide a DJ/Disco service, within your package.  Many bands let their clients play their own music or playlists via an ipod through the band PA system during intervals.  This is absolutely fine and we can do this for you, however do not underestimate the impact a great DJ can make. If you would like us to DJ and provide a Disco with your booking as well as having Groove Hustlers perform live, see here for more details or feel free to contact us, if you require any more information or even if you just wish to just talk about your needs/your event.

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