Inclusive DJ / Disco (If Required):

As well as being a great Live Party Band, we also offer a free DJ / Disco service, to anybody who wishes to book us for a Wedding, Party, Function or Event (if required).  This can considerably lower your costs/help you maximise what you can get for your budget and enable you to have both a Professional Live Band and a Professional DJ, without you having to choose between the two.  Our band includes two experienced Professional DJ's and we also have a bank of other DJ's to call on if required.


 Our DJ / Disco Service includes:


  • Experienced, Professional DJ;

  • Full Professional DJ Equipment;

  • Full Disco Lighting;

  • Access To Thousands Of Upto Date Music Tracks From All Era's To Current Day;

  • Ability To Facilitate Requests For Songs;

  • Seemless Disco music, before, in between and after the Live Band Performance;

  • Only one set of equipment set up, meaning easier setup at the same time as the band;

  • Additional DJ Equipment/Services Available If Requested.


Please feel free to contact us, if you require a quote or even if you just wish to just talk about your DJ / Disco neds/your event.

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